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Booking Through Thursday: Ground Floor

I went hunting for a meme to do on Thursday. Found one! Booking Through Thursday is a meme hosted by Booking Through Thursday.

Also, special shout out to my sister. It’s her birthday today. Happy birthday, Court!

There’s something wonderful about getting in on the ground floor of an author’s career–about being one of the first people to read and admire them, before they became famous best-sellers.

Which authors have you been lucky enough to discover at the very beginning of their careers?

And, if you’ve never had that chance, which author do you WISH you’d been able to discover at the very beginning?

A very good question. I can’t say I’ve really read with someone from their early days until they became famous. Or well…maybe I have. I wasn’t super early, but I did start reading Brandon Sanderson’s books before he was a NYT Bestseller and before her took over Wheel of Time. But I was also taking a class with Brandon, so it only half counts.

I also read Kevin J. Anderson fairly early. I was reading Young Jedi Knights not long after they came out and he hadn’t started writing the Dune sequels at that point. That doesn’t quite count either, though; he did have his original fiction out there much earlier than that.

I do however enjoy reading debuts, so I’m hoping one of the debuts I’ve read over the last couple of years will turn into a bestselling author. That’d be great :)