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The Pros and Cons of an MFA: Part II

The Pros and Cons of an MFA: Part II

Last week, I told the Pros of getting an MFA in Creative Writing. Now it’s time to share the cons. As I mentioned before, please note that these responses skew to the Chapman University graduate program. Every school and every experience will be different, and this is not to dissuade anyone from getting an MFA. This is just information to take into consideration. Part II: The Cons 1. You don’t always get to work.

The Pros and Cons of an MFA: Part I

The Pros and Cons of an MFA: Part I

Last week, after five and a half years, I finally defended my thesis to get my Masters in creative writing. The road grew so long from a combination of anxiety and red tape, and it seems unreal that it’s finally coming to an end. By the time the process finally finished, it almost felt too easy, given how much I agonized over it. I’ve been asked by other writerly friends.

What I Learned From Brave

Current Thesis Goals

Woes in Editing

Reading Between the Lines


Writing the Climax

Workshop 101: Relocating the Groove

Workshop 101: Feedback and Grains of Salt